Pieces of NYC 14: Brooklyn Heights Promenade

pieces of nyc 0014_pieces

I go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade all the time.  It’s on my way home each day and it gives me a generally-calm place to appreciate my life.

Here we see Millennials posing for what are likely to be Instagram or Snapchat stories in the shadow of the Empire State Building.


Pieces of NYC 12: Reflecting at Oculus

pieces of nyc 0012_piecesAs a Wisconsin native who enjoys the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Calatrava-designed Quadracci Pavilion, I was pleased to hear the same architect, Santiago Calatrava, would design a new transit hub at the World Trade Center. It’s as if a little reminder of home is always there for me.

Some uninspired people have likened Oculus to a turkey carcass.

From my outside-looking-in vantage point, you can see the arched lines reflecting upon themselves inside, while Lower Manhattan behind me shows itself in the window.