Pieces of NYC 82: Past in the Present

pieces of nyc 0082_pieces

Throughout the city you can find historic images of locations from very near the locations in which they were taken.

This one is sad, though: the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center from a few blocks north on Hudson Street.


Pieces of NYC 77: Small Town Neighborhoods

18-01-08 pieces of nyc 0077_pieces

Usually when people who’ve never before been to New York envision it, they picture the glass and steel high rises of Midtown.  Sure, there are a lot of those, and you can see them from a great distance. But NYC is way more “small town” than any small town I’ve been to recently.  Indie shops, friendly people, and not a Walmart in sight.

This is Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

Pieces of NYC 73: Pulaski Bridge

pieces of nyc 0073_pieces

When thinking of New York City bridges, one generally envisions the Brooklyn Bridge, or maybe even one of the other large East River-spanning bridges.  Their views are spectacular, but so is the view from the bridge that connects Brooklyn and Queens, the Pulaski Bridge.  (It bounces with every large truck, so beware.)