Pieces of NYC 80: Dog-friendly

18-01-15 pieces of nyc 0080_pieces

I love dogs, but I do not have one.  I love when I’m walking, holding a grocery store bag, toward someone with a dog.  The dog knows it’s food and thinks it’s for him.

I also love seeing dogs wiggle their butts when they see businesses with water and/or treats waiting for them outside.


Pieces of NYC 71: David Bowie

pieces of nyc 0071_pieces

No disrespect intended, but when David Bowie passed away in January of 2016, New York City lost its shit.  Fans mourned with candles and teddy bears and whatnot in front of his residence, local papers published lists of his favorite NYC locations, and memorial murals popped up everywhere.

Fast forward almost two years.  This clever piece is hidden in plain sight in that area that’s not quite the East Village, but it’s also not technically Greenwich Village Either – just east of Broadway.  I can’t identify the street.  Good luck finding it!