Pieces of NYC 79: Random Watermelon

18-01-12 pieces of nyc 0079_pieces

NYC is flush with street fairs and holiday markets.  Please enjoy them and the local gems you will find.


Pieces of NYC 65: High Bridge Watertower

pieces of nyc 0065_piecesWhat detail you can see from a zoomy lens and a Manhattan rooftop garden!

This is the High Bridge Watertower, which this Untapped Cities article discusses in more detail than I am able.

Pieces of NYC 14: Brooklyn Heights Promenade

pieces of nyc 0014_pieces

I go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade all the time.  It’s on my way home each day and it gives me a generally-calm place to appreciate my life.

Here we see Millennials posing for what are likely to be Instagram or Snapchat stories in the shadow of the Empire State Building.