Pieces of NYC 77: Small Town Neighborhoods

18-01-08 pieces of nyc 0077_pieces

Usually when people who’ve never before been to New York envision it, they picture the glass and steel high rises of Midtown.  Sure, there are a lot of those, and you can see them from a great distance. But NYC is way more “small town” than any small town I’ve been to recently.  Indie shops, friendly people, and not a Walmart in sight.

This is Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.


Pieces of NYC 73: Pulaski Bridge

pieces of nyc 0073_pieces

When thinking of New York City bridges, one generally envisions the Brooklyn Bridge, or maybe even one of the other large East River-spanning bridges.  Their views are spectacular, but so is the view from the bridge that connects Brooklyn and Queens, the Pulaski Bridge.  (It bounces with every large truck, so beware.)

Pieces of NYC 70: Peacocks

pieces of nyc 0070_piecesThe Prospect Park Zoo has free-range(ish) peacocks!  It’s a cute little zoo, and worth the $10 or so to get in once in a while.*

*This is one area in which Chicago excels.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is not only bigger and more exciting, it’s also free.  Sorry Prospect Park, all the wild peacocks in the world won’t change my mind on this one.